Kitesurf Lessons

The courses we offer are personalized and absolutely individual classes, even if you are doing it together with your traveling companion. The courses include all the safety material as well as all the necessary equipment to give the classes in the wind conditions of that given day, as well as the displacement to the lagoon.


We always teach the individual classes and not two together, because the price difference that there may be does not make it worth the while for the student. What makes you learn once you know the whole theory is the teaching time you spend using the material in a controlled environment, and for that it is important to have the instructor exclusively for you. You learn much more and faster, than to be sharing the kite with other students all the time. That is our opinion and the results show! Remember that you always can hire more or less hours and not only necessarily the 8 or 10 hours of the basic course.


The classes are given in the most ideal place on that day depending on the wind conditions and the type of class that is going to be given. For now the most usual place for our beginner courses are the Tabuba or Cauipe lagoon, for the amount of water they have. But that is also being decided each day, depending on whether there are adequate tides, the level of the student or if it is better to go to the sea.


We adapt at all times to the optimal conditions for our students to make the most of each hour of class taught - Our main objective is your learning ... and fun!


The private kitesurf courses are ideal to learn without losing time and evolve the maximum.

- It is ideal to ensure maximum attention, concentration and learning in much less time.

- Private classes consist of a student and an instructor. The student has the kite in their hands at all times in and from the first minute. So each mistake is corrected immediately since the instructor is fully dedicated to you.

- This course can be done from zero level for beginners to advanced.

- It's perfect if you already did a kite course a while ago and you want to continue to evolve (refresh).

- Also if you already know how to kitesurfe, but you want to improve your technique and start manoeuvres/tricks (Advanced)

- If you are already an independent Kitesurfer and you want to learn a new modality of Surfkite, Strapless and Hidrofoil ... or simply new FreeStyle tricks !!!

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